I have been associated with Kenneth R. Deitz, CPA for close to ten years. He handled all the accounting and tax aspects of my trucking and real estate businesses in the most professional manner throughout.
In 1998, as part of the settlement of my divorce, about the only thing my ex-wife and I could unequivocally agree on, without a fight, in handling the disbursements of cash from the real estate business, was to let Ken handle it.
The trust and goodwill he has built up not only with my business but with my family is invaluable to me.


Kenneth R. Deitz, CPA has been the accountant for my businesses and personal taxes for ten years. Over the years, he has kept me out of sales tax problems, prepared financial statements and projections that enabled me to obtain bank loans, and always treated me with the most personal of service. Ken is by far the most brilliant accounting and tax mind I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing first-hand.
I will always count on him for my financial and tax requirements and I know he will always come through.


Ken Deitz, CPA is the most intelligent, well read, and knowledgeable accountant I have ever been associated with. He is very thorough in his work and I have recommended him to my family, friends, co-workers and business associates. He has prepared my personal tax returns for eight years and has always had my best interests in the forefront. I will continue to use his services and recommend him in the future. I consider him to be a truly valuable financial resource.

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